Sunday, 12 February 2017

Hotter than hell

I have absolutely no effing idea what has gone on over the last few days.

Mother Nature at her absolute worst.

44 effing degrees on Saturday afternoon which topped Friday's 40.

Thankfully we had a southerly change blow through to cool down on each afternoon. 

This morning is about 27 degrees cooler at 17 blissful degrees. 

These pictures i believe are Mother Nature trying to apologize last night after causing absolute chaos.

The most spectacular sunset i have seen in ages.

The top picture showcases the sunset with added rainbow. The bottom picture is my favorite. I see so much in those clouds.

That kind of  heat is not for me! 

I am mega thankful we have had decent rains and the catastrophic fire conditions did not impact us.  Mandatory life sentence in the big house for any moron caught lighting a fire in those conditions. 

Linking up with the hen again! Still on the phone so can't do all the normal proper stuff!   Bloń£er app you suck!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Holy guacamole look who popped in to say hello

Hello there strangers!

It has been a while hasn't it!

So last week I promised the hen that i would pull my finger out and pop by to say hi!

I have some cracking blog post ideas in my head, lots of stories to share etc.

Turns out my brilliant ideas will have to remain trapped in my head just for now as the stupid blogger app does not have the capabilities I assumed it would.

I will return soon to delight and entertain you just as soon as I can!!

In the meantime here are some photos from #strayaday2017. We spent an amazing couple of days with family near Cooma.  Surely nothing could be more Aussie than paddock bashing in the back of a ute feeding horses and sheep!