Friday, 4 March 2016

Things I Know #90- So now it is Autumn and I hear the Foo Fighters

Hi Mother Nature, it seems you have not checked your calender and do not realise it is in fact now Autumn and the weather should be cooling down and not heating up to break more records.

Everything else I know this week is worthy of separate posts.  Like for example the excessive wearing of active wear, or afternoon school assemblies, the shocking driving skills some people possess or opal cards for school children.  However thanks to having to stuff around doing kindergarten homework I no longer have the time to brain dump today.

Instead I will leave you with these cool videos.

Apparently the internet exploded yesterday with an imminent announcement from the Foo Fighters.  Apparently they were breaking up and going their separate ways.  I in fact missed all the drama and only heard about it later on in the afternoon.

The announcement has to be one of the funniest things I have seen in ages, well played fooies!!

Then there was this video from the Oscars. I love this, so poignant at the moment.

That is all from me, I now have to relinquish my computer to year 2 kid to use for some kind of school thing which he is supposed to do every week but we haven't actually done yet!!


  1. I miss summer already. I saw that Foo Fighter thing about every 5 minutes on FB yesterday - they certainly went viral!

  2. I hear ya on the weather, I am so over the heat, I just want it to cool down! I must admit I am enjoying the evenings though, it has been getting cooler and that is very nice. Makes it enjoyable to get in to bed! Oh, and homework in Kindergarten? I think that's a joke and I'm not looking forward to it next year!


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