Friday, 12 February 2016

Things I Know #87- ain't nobody perfect

I know lots lately.  Mainly I know I have missed parts of the online world.  I really hope I am back now after a very extended break.

This week my post is inspired by a certain event that happened yesterday.

So to the lady in the small car who felt it necessary to honk the horn and gesture at me because i was putting year 2 kid's seat belt on and the door was slightly open onto the road i say this - AIN'T NOBODY PERFECT!

While I would have loved to quote Justin Bieber  (disclaimer i am not a belieber i just happen to, although i hate to admit it, like this particular song) and tell you to "go and love yourself " I choose not too.

Ain't nobody perfect has definitely become a fave phrase of mine.  Maybe a few people could do with hearing it.  Like the delightful lady yesterday.

Yes the car door swung open onto the road more than it should have (I was parked on a hill and it was windy), but speeding in a school zone is in fact a crime and had the delightful lady been doing the speed limit we wouldn't be having this conversation.  What do you know-  AIN'T NOBODY PERFECT.

Sermon over for this week!!  Can I get an AMEN!!

Ps may we all please think nice thoughts and send positive vibes to the internet connection goblins!!

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  1. What I am not perfect???? We all make mistakes and the key is to learn from these mistakes.

  2. I've had an extended break myself. Not what I planned but sometimes life has other plans.

  3. That's the truth. We need a lot more patience and love for fellow man and a lot less self-righteousness.


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