Monday, 14 December 2015

Some of our Christmas Traditions

Ernie copied himself using our printer!!  Full credit to our preschool for the idea!!

Turns out Elves on the shelves poo red and green m&ms!!  Declared "funniest thing ever",!!  In 14 days our elf has not moved 3 times (luckily we had storms and he was unable to safely fly!!).  

Santa photo day at the Queen Victoria Building.  Forth year in a row for us!!  It is a definite must for us although nest year I will go back to going in November!!  Never again ever will I go in December!!  So busy but totally worth it!!  Luckily Ernie left all three boys new clothes to wear as it turns out not one of them had anything decent to wear out of the house!!  

Stunning tree.

I am in awe of the tree once again, however I couldn't help but observe the new dangly fishing rod type decorations look like a cats ultimate toy!!

This is one of my fave Christmas songs.  Back in the days before the www I used to hang out to hear this song on the radio, now thanks to the tube and more recently spotify I can hear it whenever I want!!

Linking up a few of my families Christmas traditions with AliciaKirsty and Trish.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Things I Know #86- Hang In There


This time next week people, this time next week!!

Never has something been so close and yet so far away!!

We are a house of meltdown, it ain't pretty.

I am still in complete denial that next week life as we have known it for the last 2 years will change and a new chapter begins.

Two kids at big school.  Still hasn't sunk in!!  It probably will next week when we have "meet the class and teacher day".

Hang in there!!  We've got this!!