Thursday, 12 November 2015

Things I Know #84- I hate non working internet,

 We are all things Star Wars here lately!!

  I may have choked on my coffee seeing this!!

Just putting it out there!!

I have still heard Downtown everytime I have driven somewhere.  Uggh.

This week has seen dodgy to the max internet, a text saying in 4 days I had used half my mobile data (although I think that is bs!) and worst of all some scumbags who stole my credit card number and started buying stuff.  Thankfully the bank was all over this and put a stop to their thieving ways however I have been without my precious card for a week which in the lead up to the silly season really bites the big one.  FFS

Thank goodness for You Tube and being able to share some coolness from the AC/DC concert last weekend!!  It ROCKED!!
I do have some of my own stuff to share if I ever have working internet again!!  Also working spell check would be quite good as well!!

That is it for me, I am back to the dark ages where the internet was just a dream!!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Things I Know #83- Downtown

This song has been haunting me for weeks. Every single time I get in the car I hear it. I am hoping by putting it on here I don't hear it as much!!  I don't hate it but I don't love it either!!  I definitely don't love it enough to hear it every single time I get in the car!!

In other news it has done nothing but rain for a week. Over it. Ace it up Mother Nature.

Have a fab weekend guys!!