Friday, 31 July 2015

Things I Know #69- Biting the tongue continues

I have nothing nice to say at the moment so I am saying nothing at all!!

How annoyingly catchy are the 2 songs of the week!!  Far out, they have been stuck in my head for ages!!

Have a good one guys!!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Things I Know #68

Sadly there is no #TIK at the moment.

My computer is having one of those installing update hissy fits again.

I think it is protesting about the lack of use it gets these days!

Should it calm its farm and work at lunch time #TIK will be up then!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Things I Know #67- #arcticvortex

I have to admit it hasn't been as cold as what was predicted!!  It is bloody freezing but not overly cold.

Apparently we are going to cop some more gale force winds today.  So far it is just raining. Which I am totally over because it more than likely means soccer will be cancelled tomorrow and also I have a brand new washing line and haven't been able to use it yet!!

I had some stern words with Mother Nature yesterday afternoon when it was peeing down right on school pick up.  Thankfully she was listening and turned off the tap just enough for me to do the double pick up!!

Yep school is back for a jam packed term 3.  The school calender is so full with shite this term I am sure there won't be too much learning going on.

I also have to bring myself ro fill out enrollment forms for my soon to be kindy kid.  I am putting it off as long as possible due to being in complete denial about the whole thing.  I can't believe he will be old enough to go to school next year.

That is all I know this week.  Stay warm and dry!!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Things I Know #66- Marky Mark and cold weather memes

While at the  Mum's group dinner last night it was brought to my attention that some people have no idea who in fact Marky Mark or Mark Wahlberg as he is known now is!!

I was so disturbed by this revelation I just had to share this video again!!

Image result for lone survivor poster

 One of the best movies I have ever seen.

In other news

 Image result for cold weather meme  Image result for cold weather meme Image result for cold weather meme

Yep its going to be a cold weekend!!  In winter even!!  How bizarre!!  I love the Patrick Stewart meme just because I am jealous my old chump mobile does not have the technology like everyone else is the world has!!

Stay warm!!