Sunday, 21 June 2015

Things I Know #64-there is no #tik

Sadly there is no link up this week.

I have no idea what my computer's problem is. 

It is feeling a tad rejected i think as it sadly very underused lately.

That probably explains why it is chucking the mother of all hissy fits!

Anyhoo catch you all  (hopefully) next week!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Things I Know #63- Patience

 Loved this from Ms Case of facey

 My new toy.  Spotify on my phone.  Music really does rock my world.

lime and coconut soy wax melt, smells divine

Have a great weekend, bring on the last week of term 2 if you are in NSW!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Things I Know #61- Ironically Babylon

I am well aware it is only Tuesday and not Friday however if I stand a chance of getting #tik out it must be done in the limited time I have this week.

For someone who likes to hibernate in winter I have quite the active social life at the moment.

Speaking of winter it has arrived here with a bang.  Brrrr.  It is June though so I am not really complaining too much.  I just wish my delightful children would wear warm clothes and not tool around in shorts and tshirts while it is freezing cold.  Seriously kids put some bloody clothes on.

We just got over a full month of sickness and I am not sending anymore of my valuable time at the doctors because they refuse to wear clothes.

In other news we had a great day out on Saturday at the RAAF open day at Richmond.  As soon as I work out how to load photos from my phone to the blogger app I will share more.  It was such a well run event and we all enjoyed it.

We missed the first half of the day as we had to watch my future socceroo in action.  (Just quietly if any of the visiting epl clubs are reading this Year 1 kid is playing like a champion lately and could totally be signed up now!!)  Joking of course but in all honesty he is blitzing it, so much so when we left before the match finished to get going to the open day one of his team mates commented it was good he had gone because he might now get the ball!!

Talking of phones, I got a new one.  Although after being able to buy marked down phone cases at The Reject Shop it obviously isn't the latest model.  I don't care though it is awesome to me!!  I can do things like comment on blogs from it which I have been doing so much more of because I can now!!

I can also share things easily on Facey like this picture which had me in stitches the other day!!

So I think that is about it from me this week.

I am hoping to sit down and blog over the stupid long weekend we have this week.  I have said it before and I will say it again can we shift the June long weekend to July or August.

Lastly I have two songs of the week.  First up I had Babylon stuck in my head all day on Monday which was odd because I hadn't heard it in ages and I was going to tube it last night when low and behold I was doing the groceries yesterday afternoon and it was playing in the supermarket!!

The other song Ironic I have heard everyday for about a week and also I sing one line from it all the time- "Ït;s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife"  Why??  Because how bloody true is that!! Also if I hear how this Alanis album is 20 years old one more time I will be very unhappy. Surely I am not that old!!

Linking up for the first time in ages for #IBOT with Essentially Jess