Monday, 14 December 2015

Some of our Christmas Traditions

Ernie copied himself using our printer!!  Full credit to our preschool for the idea!!

Turns out Elves on the shelves poo red and green m&ms!!  Declared "funniest thing ever",!!  In 14 days our elf has not moved 3 times (luckily we had storms and he was unable to safely fly!!).  

Santa photo day at the Queen Victoria Building.  Forth year in a row for us!!  It is a definite must for us although nest year I will go back to going in November!!  Never again ever will I go in December!!  So busy but totally worth it!!  Luckily Ernie left all three boys new clothes to wear as it turns out not one of them had anything decent to wear out of the house!!  

Stunning tree.

I am in awe of the tree once again, however I couldn't help but observe the new dangly fishing rod type decorations look like a cats ultimate toy!!

This is one of my fave Christmas songs.  Back in the days before the www I used to hang out to hear this song on the radio, now thanks to the tube and more recently spotify I can hear it whenever I want!!

Linking up a few of my families Christmas traditions with AliciaKirsty and Trish.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Things I Know #86- Hang In There


This time next week people, this time next week!!

Never has something been so close and yet so far away!!

We are a house of meltdown, it ain't pretty.

I am still in complete denial that next week life as we have known it for the last 2 years will change and a new chapter begins.

Two kids at big school.  Still hasn't sunk in!!  It probably will next week when we have "meet the class and teacher day".

Hang in there!!  We've got this!!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Things I Know #84- I hate non working internet,

 We are all things Star Wars here lately!!

  I may have choked on my coffee seeing this!!

Just putting it out there!!

I have still heard Downtown everytime I have driven somewhere.  Uggh.

This week has seen dodgy to the max internet, a text saying in 4 days I had used half my mobile data (although I think that is bs!) and worst of all some scumbags who stole my credit card number and started buying stuff.  Thankfully the bank was all over this and put a stop to their thieving ways however I have been without my precious card for a week which in the lead up to the silly season really bites the big one.  FFS

Thank goodness for You Tube and being able to share some coolness from the AC/DC concert last weekend!!  It ROCKED!!
I do have some of my own stuff to share if I ever have working internet again!!  Also working spell check would be quite good as well!!

That is it for me, I am back to the dark ages where the internet was just a dream!!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Things I Know #83- Downtown

This song has been haunting me for weeks. Every single time I get in the car I hear it. I am hoping by putting it on here I don't hear it as much!!  I don't hate it but I don't love it either!!  I definitely don't love it enough to hear it every single time I get in the car!!

In other news it has done nothing but rain for a week. Over it. Ace it up Mother Nature.

Have a fab weekend guys!!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Things I Know #82- 2x2=4

 Bloody awesome idea, take note all schools everywhere!!  Year 1 maths is hard!!  Those pesky 2 time tables!!

 Sleep, sweet sweet sleep!!  What I wouldn't give for sleep.  The blissful uninterrupted restful sleep in until some sinful time like 9am, sleep!!

Yes, yes it is!!

I am so on to you WSFM 101.7 and your cropping of songs.  Walking in Memphis was a prime example today.  Cut it out, just play the whole damn song.
Gawd I miss the cd player in my car, without it I am turning into a cranky old woman!!

Bonus song of the week from way back in 1994!! "We could go to Mexico. You the cat and me."  Best song lyrics ever!!

Bonus quote for this week is one I am living by!!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Wordless Wednesday- Halloween funnies 2015

I must confess I/we don't do Halloween.

No offense to anyone who does though!!

At this time of the year and in the lead up to xmas I really do not have the mental capacity!!

I do however love all the funny memes that pop up, here are some of my faves from this year-

 Love this one My Little Drummer Boys shared on facebook.

I know this is so politically incorrect but it made me giggle!!

Some inspiration from Mums Take Five!!

 This was last year when then kindy kid (now year 1 kid) got his face painted at the god awful schools carnival thingy!!  

I still have my little friend from last year!!  

This still freaks me out!! One of the best video clips ever though!!  Very strange disclaimer at the start too, kind of a little contridictory!!

Linking up with Kirsty for I must Confess, Alicia my favourite Hen for #openslather and My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday because I am great at multi tasking!!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Things I Know #81- unworking wifi

Apparently this is from 1989.  I am so old it isn't funny!!

A shortened version of #TIK thanks to unworking wifi.  FFS

It has been one hell of a long week here, a tale for another day!!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Things I Know #80- Sailing

 Thanks to Née Say for sharing this picture which sums me up completely!!

The online world exploded again last night, funnily enough I witnessed the start of it (quite literally because I did not have control of the remote) and really wish I was in the dark.  No idea what I am talking about?  Good for you, if you do know what I am talking about isn't it a crap situation for all involved.

So here is a funny thing because there is too much crap in life.
I love when World of Puns pops up in my newsfeed.

Lastly song of the week is some good old fashioned Rod.  While driving in the car yesterday I cracked up when I looked in the rear vision mirror and the boys were all swaying to this song!! I love how they love a broad range of music!!

Ps don't forget to click here to enter to win a $50 Christmas Kingdom voucher!!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Christmas Kingdom Review and Giveaway

I have to admit I have dreams of having the beautifully decorated Christmas house.  You know the ones that are straight out of a magazine.  With the picture perfect tree, the perfectly placed decorations and maybe something extra cute like a train set.

Then I snap back into reality and wake up to myself because for the next few years my decorating dream is exactly that, a dream!!

Three small children and pets are not a good combo when it comes to having anything nice let alone a perfectly decorated house!!

One day though the tree in the video will be mine!!

For now I am happy to let the kids "decorate" the tree.  The last couple of years they have done it all on their own.  They have done an outstanding job.  I think the end result represents us to a tee.  I love how they managed to put all our decorations on one quarter of the tree and then they got bored so just chucked the tinsel on top!!

 This was the tree on Christmas eve last year.  It could not look any sadder if it tried!!  It had done well to survive  as long as it did!!

It would appear I need some new pretties for my tree so I am so glad that the good people at Christmas Kingdom have offered to help me out by generously giving me a $50 voucher to spend at their on line store.

I have been like a kid in a candy shop trawling through looking at all the cute things they sell!!  I have however narrowed my list down to a few things!!  It hasn't been easy let me tell you!!  They have a great range of all things Christmas.

I am loving thiese tutorial clips, they are inspiring me tp be a little more creative this year.  I am definitely going to be giving this kids wreath a go, such a simple idea!! There are a few more similar clips here on the YouTube channel.

The Christmas Kingdom website has totally won me over!!  It is simple and easy to browse through and anytime I do not have to leave my house to buy things is always a bonus!!  I think the range of products is fantastic, just not enough penguins though!!

They do have a couple of stores in Victoria that you can visit (probably a good thing I do not live anywhere near them!!), the store details are on the website.

Now for the awesome part- one of you lucky readers can win yourselves your very own $50 voucher to spend on some goodies from the Christmas Kingdom on line shop.

Simply leave a comment here or over on the pinned post on my facebook page telling me what you would buy if the $50 was all yours!!  Tell me a story, make me laugh, choose the most expensive thing.  The more creative answer the better!!  

Entries open 1200am 10/10/15 and close 1200am 24/10/15.  The competition will be judged by a secret judge and the winner announced 25/10/15.  Australian residents only.

I had a lot of fun with this review, thanks Christmas Kingdom!!  Now to sit back and wait until my goodies turn up in the post!!  I will be sure to share with you all what I ended up choosing!!

Things I Know #79- What's up

#TIK this week is brought to you by this rockin classic.

Released in 1992 if you can believe it!!

Which means I have been singing this like an absolute boss for 23 years.

I am so old!!

Anyhoo this is a short but sweet #TIK as I am trying to finish off a cute review and giveaway!!

Have a great weekend, I am off to rock with more oldies.  Yep bring on KISS!!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Things I Know #78- My week in Facey posts

Facebook will begin stealing your undergarments at midnight tonight if you don't copy & paste this message in the next hour, forward it to everyone in your mailing list, print a hard copy for your grandmother & call your third grade teacher. This is real. I got the message first hand from Elvis who was having lunch with Bigfoot, while riding the Loch Ness monster. It was even on the inside back cover of every tabloid in the grocery store checkout line. Not only will Facebook start charging you tomorrow, they are also going to bill your credit card for the past 3 years of services. Luckily, each person who copies & pastes this status will receive a FREE unicorn in the mail tomorrow.
However, if you don't repost this status, Facebook code has been set up to automatically set your computer on fire & harm an innocent bunny in the forest! It's all true, it was on the news! It's official! Facebook users will believe anything their friends copy & paste into their status.

Thanks Spoon Shortage for the facey giggles

Total crack up!!  Gawd some people are gullible!!

Funniest thing ever!! Gawd help me while I adjust to the changing of the time!!

So excited for this!!

Keeping with the supernatural theme!!

Who commissions these movies, stop now please for the love of all that is holy!!  Fyi this is out after Christmas!!

Throwing it back this week 17 years with some classic Vengaboys.  Yes that animated woman has oversized bazoongas!!

That is about all I know this week, enjoy the long weekend (if you get one).  Apparently we are in for a warm one!!  Oh and bring it Term 4 we are all over you before you have even begun!!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wordless Wednesday- Mother Nature's work

Double rainbow
Moon rising out of the ocean
Such a stunning sight.  This picture was taken roughly 5 minutes after the first one, it happens so quickly.  I wish I had a camera to take a better picture of it.  Thanks to daylight savings I can't see us seeing this again until April as it will happen way too late!!

Love this idea!!
Flowering Cacti

We spent a lovely morning at the Wollongong Botanical Gardens yesterday. They run a fantastic program in the school holidays. We explored the gardens looking for the flags to tick off in the passports, the big boys made some awesome craft (seed pod boats, paper explorers and terrariums), we learnt some interesting facts and we saw some absolutely stunning flower and plants.  Fact of the day for me was there are caffeine addicted goats in Ethiopia!!

That was our first time doing the school holiday program and we will definitely do it again, maybe next time I will be able to take some pictures instead of chasing the runaway 2 year old!!

Thanks for the photo opportunities this week Mother Nature, it almost makes up for the crummy weather we had last week!!

Linking up for the first time in ages with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday.

Monday, 28 September 2015

All sorts #1

 All will be revealed soon about the origin of this picture.  In the meantime, do it.  Think outside the box!!

How cute am I as a Peanuts character!!  I so wish I had purple trackies!!  I also love the hair and am totally aiming for this particular style!!  Here is the link so you can waste a little time and make yourself peanutized!!

This weeks prompt for I Must Confess is "one year since...".

One year ago I was being forced to bust my hump over the long weekend digging out and prepping our backyard ready for concrete.  It was as per usual for this weekend unseasonably freaking hot and only after we had finished the majority of the work (and I will point out after I had suggested repeatedly that a small machine/excavator/dingo/bobcat would have been quicker and less back breaking) did the HOTH feel it necessary to bring in a digger.  FFS

Wow looking back I had forgotten just how much our yard has changed!!  Also standby as I have to give an updated pic of the little side garden!!

This long weekend will be spent, fingers crossed, chillaxing at home.  Should the weather be as warm as predicted I foresee a trip to the beach or pool but other than that some much needed kicking back is what the g.o will be.

Also don't forget that the bastard clocks change this weekend, on the plus side it will no longer be daylight at 530am, on the negative it will be daylight until 8pm so my kids will be harder to get rid of (more than they already are) at night time!!

Have a fab long weekend y'all!!

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Things I Know #77- Kicking it old school

Shout out to Mother Nature who has given us an icy wintry cold snap this week.  I swear it wasn't this cold in winter!!

The crap raining and windy  weather has been a blessing really.  It has forced a bit of rest time.  We have watched The Block 28 times a day, the kids have watched some dvds, there has been lots of lego building, some reading and some dancing to old school tunes.

Cut 'N' Move, 1993, where did the last 22 years go!!

Guess what dvds we have been watching!!

All in all week 1 of the holidays has not sucked!!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Things I Know #76- P.I.T.A

If you are like me and it takes you a few minutes to work out exactly what P.I.T.A is I will help you out with my P.I.T.As this week

  • Mother Nature, rain for the next week.  Really, the first week of school holidays??  Lift your game.
  • The three small humans who I gave birth to.  Massive P.I.T.As this week.  
  • People on the internet.  Not all people but a very large majority.  I firmly believe you should have a licence to use any kind of social media.
  •  Australian politics, enough said.
  • The broken cd player in my car, the bloody thing won't spit the cd out and won't play the one stuck in there.  This means I am stuck listening to the oldies channels constantly.  This is an issue because some of the music on the oldies stations is in fact not that old!!  
Which brings me to song of the week as chosen by a very funky 2 year old who for the last few days walks around singing go go go go.

Have a great weekend guys.

Ps I have a giveaway running at the moment, pop over and enter!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hellooooo Spring- Mortein review and Giveaway

You can WIN this awesome pack of products!!

Lucky me got another cool package in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I am excited to say that one lucky entrant can win this exact collection as pictured here!!

Without a doubt this is my absolute favourite time of year.  We have already had some gorgeous warm spring days and the forecast is for more of the same for the next week at least!!  I just love slow lazy warm days where we kick back and just relax.  I also only love daylight savings for the longer more chilled out nights, I definitely do not love it when it is still light at 8pm and the kids refuse to go to bed!!

It has been nearly 3 years since we moved into our knocked down rebuilt house.  Our house is smaller compared to most houses being built now but that was fine for us as we still wanted a backyard and so a compromise of sorts was reached with the necessary inclusion of a covered outdoor area.

I love our outdoor area, this year though I plan on making it a real outdoor room.  We have out there at the moment just a bbq and outdoor setting.  I really want to jazz it up a little, maybe with an outdoor lounge and some wall art.

We spend a great deal of time out there in the warmer months, it is nice and sunny in the morning and then when the heat of the day barrels the front of the house it is a great cool spot to hang out out of the heat.

There is one major problem with my little outdoor nook.  Farkin FLIES.  When the old place was standing we never had an issue but now it is deadset fly central.  I don't know whether the flies are loving the new bricks rather than the old asbestos but has driven me nuts for 3 years now.  The second the temperature gets even slightly warm the flies appear and do not leave.

I guess nothing says #straya like eating with one hand and batting flies off the food with the other but I may have found a solution.


I am going to pop this on the wall and switch it on whenever we have food out!!  Sounds a little too good to be true but after trying a lot of other tactics I am hoping this will be the answer to eating a meal with two hands!!

Bring on the October long weekend and the spring cleaning and set up of the outdoor area which is when I will be trialling this system!!

The other problem with flies in my outdoor area is that because we have a sliding door out to it which no one in my house can keep shut those pesky creatures just come on in to the house and buzz around like they own the joint.

This is where the MORTEIN NATURGARD FLY & MOSQUITO KILLER ODOURLESS spray can comes in very handy.  This was and has become again a feature on my kitchen bench.  I can assure you it works.  I love the odour freeness of it!!  Any fly stupid enough to fly in my house will be subject to a quick spray of this!!


The other insect I despise as much as flies is FLEAS and they are the one downside to pet ownership.  The first flea of the season was spotted last weekend (I have no idea why they love to bite me and no one else!!) and I have every intention of bombing the absolute crap out of my house just as soon as I can find a couple of hours when we are not home!!  I may be forced to head out for breakfast/brunch or something on Sunday morning just so we are all out of the house!!

Now for the fun part!!  I have 1 pack of these products to giveaway to one lucky person to try for themselves!!

To win a pack with all 3 of these products you simply need to give me your 

favourite spring time recipe 

Either leave a comment here or head over to the Help!! I'm Stuck!! facebook page and leave a comment on the pinned post at the top.  I have a mystery judge who has been enlisted to pick a winner!!  This is only open to Australian residents (sorry overseas readers!!).  Entries open 12pm 15/9/15 and close at 10am 29/9/15.  Winner will be contacted by email or facebook so make sure I can get in contact with you!!

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Monday, 14 September 2015

A tale of bright green snot, jumping on bandwagons and tedious life.

Dettol hand sanitiser, no touch soup dispenser, bathroom cleaner and rapid foam.

About a month ago I received a pack of goodies in the mail from Dettol

I must confess I was a little excited by these products.  This is because I am quite the sad, boring person who finds new cleaning products a real joy.

Although I have actually been on the hand sanitiser bandwagon for over 10 years.  

You see before my delightful angelic children came along I worked in Home care and a container of sanitiser was an absolute must have in my work bag.  I had never even heard of it before I started working for Home care but fell in love with it and have continued my love affair ever since!!

When year 1 kid came along 5 weeks early I was an absolute hand washing followed by sanitising tyrant to anyone who came to visit him in the special care nursery in hospital.  Roughly when he was born was when hospitals introduced the bottles of sanitiser throughout the hospital for everyone to use, now I have noticed tonnes of people/businesses jumping on the bandwagon and you can find this stuff everywhere.  I wish it was readily available in schools #justsayin!!

Personally I have always had a bottle of liquid gold in every nappy bag I have owned plus you will find a bottle in my car and also throughout my house in the kitchen, bathroom, change table etc.  It is one must have with kids.

I was a little peeved to discover the HOTH did not in fact have a bottle in his car.  This was discovered when we went on a family outing and took his car and I did a bag swap.  I remembered the nappies and wipes but in my haste to get out the door neglected the most essential item!!

Typically for us an extremely gross nappy required changing in the front seat of the car, which should be considered  an Olympic sport with a wriggling 2 year old, after winning the gold medal for not only getting this feat done but without any mess I was mega cranky to not be able to complete my routine and sanitise the crap out of my hands!!  Needless to say he now has a bottle stashed in his car for the next time, because we all know it will in fact happen again!!

Hand Sanitiser, jump on the bandwagon people!!  If you do click on the link you will discover there are many different types of the Dettol sanitiser.  I will be trying to source some of them as they sound great and our local supermarket only stocks the original one!!

This brings me to the Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System

A couple of weeks ago I said something stupid out loud.  The stupid thing was and I am going to quote myself- "we have been really healthy over winter and not had any sickness at all"

Two days later I was in the midst of the great snot debacle.

I kid you not.  There was more snot coming out of children than could be humanly possible.  Not just snot but bright green like a fluorescent highlighter had been shoved up the nose!!

It was my job to chase the snot bucket around for over a week constantly wiping its nose.  When I say constantly I am not over exaggerating!!

After each nose wipe it was a requirement to wash my hands because even the thickest tissue was not able to contain the shear amount of green toxic slime!!  (Gross I know!!)

I am eternally grateful that I had access to the no touchy soap thingy during this traumatic time!! Total lifesaver, put your hand under the sensor, the soap squirts out and Bob is indeed your uncle!!

It has been a bit of a novelty item for the kids too, they have had a lot of fun washing their hands lately!!  It was all fun and games until they started filling different things with the soap.  After I washed my own mouth out with soap and cordial I had to ban them from using it unsupervised!!

Lastly I trialled the Healthy Clean Bathroom Rapid Foam and Healthy Clean Bathroom Trigger.  

As I mentioned I do love a new product in the cleaning aisle!!  I really need to get out more, I know!!

I loved the foam, it was so easy to use and did the job of cleaning a quite neglected shower really easily.  I squirted it on, attacked the rest of the bathroom with the trigger then went back and gave the shower a bit of a scrub and rinsed it.  (Just a handy hint- a shower head on a hose is a must have!!  They are not the prettiest things but make cleaning showers so damn easy!!)

I was really pleased with the results and the very little actual effort it took to get them!!  I also love the smell of the foam and trigger.  Nothing beats a nice smelling cleaner!!  (yep I really am that sad!!)

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for when these products are on spesh and grabbing some more.  (This is only because I am a bit of a tight wad and don't buy anything unless it is on spesh!!)

Overall I would have to say I am more than happy to give all four of these products a great big gold star and a friendly recommendation!!

Linking up with Kirsty and Alicia for a confessing slather!!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Things I Know #75- Friday yet again

And that y'all is what I know this week!!

Hang in there NSW only one more torturous week of term 3 then for us 2 1/2 weeks of school holidays (which will also be torturous but in a different kind of way!!).


Friday, 28 August 2015

Things I Know #73- Impossible

That just about sums up my week!!

In other news, I have some exciting things coming up on the blog starting next week!!  Have a fab day!!