Friday, 31 October 2014

Things I Know #31- Halloween and over to you

I know I am missing blogging at the moment, I knew at the start of the week there wouldn't be many spare pockets of time.  I was right!!  All good though and no real complaints about it from me!!  Hopefully next week is a brand new week.

I also know it is Halloween.  I am not the worlds biggest fan of Halloween, this year I am sort of forced into it thanks to a bloody school fundraiser.  So not only do we have to participate but it is going to cost a tonne of money too.  Jackpot!!  I enjoy seeing all the fun things people get up too on Halloween though!!

I need your help with two things this week guys-

1.  I am going to join in the Mystery Case outfit under $50 challenge however I have no idea what I should enter- casual, dressy??
2. When I say Christmas Food you say??  Pretty broad question I know!!

I finally caught up on all the fab #tik links from the last two weeks and there was some great stuff there!!  Looking forward to reading what is in store this week.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Things I Know #30- 401st blog post

I know not much of anything this week.

Being sick sux, although judging by a ridiculous "article" I saw on one of those crap websites I should be grateful about being a sahm and not whinge about how tough it is to be sick and have kids.  Sure, I love feeling like crap and not being able to call in sick and spend a day quietly resting while someone takes care of me and runs around after my delightful little angels.

Sorry lady but EFFF OFF.  You can't tell me that everyday of your sahm existence is filled with rainbow farting unicorns.  It is perfectly fine to acknowledge the shit parts as well as the good.  So eff you and the horse you rode in on.

I suppose I should be dancing in joy that my dear sweet 14 month old has a promising career in baseball or cricket as he has perfected the art of throwing at a target with pin point accuracy.  The target being my head while I was trying to have quiet time on the lounge and his choice of object being anything he could get his grubby little hands on. For the record my sunglasses hurt more than the remote.  Yep awesome, I can't imagine that being a tad annoying.

I feel my children are extremely gifted or have a sixth sense as with the slightest headache their behaviour goes from feral to completely out of control in about 2 seconds flat.  Ooops probably shouldn't call them feral!!

Anyway rant over!!  I normally skip right past those inflammatory articles but this one got right under my skin!!

I am celebrating today as this is my 401st blog post.  401 posts of lord knows what, maybe I should actually read them one day!!  At least 80% would have a dodgy you tube vid like my new fave one above!!

Cheers to 400 more!!

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week, I promise to stop by very soon.  Thanks to having lovely sinus virus I was unable to look at the computer for longer than about 2 seconds as it was hurting my eyes.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mystery Event

Mystery Event

Vintage black dress
$23 -

Vince Camuto black lace shoes

Bracelet jewelry

Pewter earrings

Round scarve

The prompt for the LBD style challenge this week is Mystery Event.  

I don't do mystery very well.  If someone said to me that I was going to a mystery event I would pump them for details.  I barely cope with Christmas, birthdays and Mothers Day as I am usually busting to know what I am getting.  A friend of mine on facebook was surprised with an overseas trip and didn't know where she was going until she got to the airport.  I would be beside myself and would not cope for a second if that was me!!  Fyi she was taken to The Cook Islands, lucky thing!!

However I can keep a secret like nobodies business!!  I am the master of not only buying the perfect gift but not letting on what it is!!  Which kind of contradicts myself, maybe even making me a hypocrite which is the  "Ï Must Confess" topic this week!! 

I really like playing along with the LBD challenge.  I like using polyvore (although I still haven't worked out how to use my own images!!).  I like how you pick something and don't get a price or brand until you click on whatever it is.  All the things I have picked out this week are really cheap except the shoes they were about $400 and that divine bracelet which is roughly $210,000!!  I am adding it to my Chrissy wishlist however I am guessing it will remain a dream!!

In other news I have a cold.  I am totally blaming Mother Nature for the bizarre weather we have had the last few weeks.  Stinking hot one day and then cyclonic and freezing the next.  In case you missed the memo MN it is spring, the weather should be warmish during the day and nice and cool at night.  

Lastly I did not have a song of the week last week.  Which is odd as there are so many awesome songs on the radio lately.   Nathaniel is a winner, we all bop along to this one!!  Hoobastank are included as yesterday I heard them on the "classic rock"radio station, nice work wsfm now I feel a gazillion years old!!

The excitement level in our house is pretty high with the imminent release of the new Accadacca album.  The first song from the album has been given the tick of approval!!

Linking up with One Mother Hen for #openslatherMy Home Truths for i Must ConfessMystery Case for the lbd style challenge and last but not least Essentially Jess for #ibot!!

Oh and I have no idea why the text size is all over the shop today and I am not feeling like fixing it and potentially deleting a whole post or worse the whole blog!!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thing I Know #29- Parenting Struggles

This week The Lounge topic is parenting struggles.  

Here is what I randomly know about the struggles of parenting

  • I struggle.  Who doesn't??
  • Everyday brings a new challenge on top of the existing ones.
  • Just when you think you have one issue sorted another one pops up
  • Some days are good, some days are not.
  • Some days I lose my shit, some days not so much.
  • I go with my gut instinct, mothers intuition.  If it is a medical problem I seek professional advice (I have a kick ass gp and baby nurse who look beyond the text books and know each child is an individual)  I don't ask dumb questions on facebook sites which publish questions and invite answers from people who have nfi.
  • There is not enough hours in the day.  To make one child happy usually results in upsetting the other two.  
  • In saying that, parenting is not all doom and gloom.  Far from it.
  • I have three amazing boys.  Each one unique and special with their own quirks.
  • I don't always get it right but I try.  
  • Even if I won the $50 million powerball tonight I would still be right here where I am needed.  No amount of money is going to make a 5 year old go to bed before 945m only to be closely followed by a teething 14 month old who is snuggled up to me while I get this finished.
  • The struggle is worth it.
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wordless Wednesday- fishy

The weather in Sydney has been absolutely shocking the last few hours and I.was going through my phone and came across these pics from when we were in Fiji. I have been wishing I was back there just to escape this storm!!

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Manic Monday

I am blaming the fact Bathurst (the big car race) did not finish until 630pm for the reason I don't have my act together today!!  FYI it was one of the coolest finishes ever with the team who came first (FORD by the way) starting last and winning at basically the final corner!!  Loved it!!

We used to be really into the v8 racing but in the last few years we have gone off it a bit.  Bathurst is always a must watch and we are a Ford household!!  Except the 3 year old who chose his car at the start of the race and it was a Holden!!  The race, 161 laps of "the mountain" which we have actually driven around as it is a public road, did not disappoint.  Drama and heartbreak for so many.  We really felt for one team (the one the 3 year old chose!!) as it was leading and came in for a pit stop with 10 or so laps to go and the driver stalled his car and could not get it started again.

Usually the race finishes around 530 ish however thanks to the race being suspended mid way it was a very late finish!!

We always watch the start, then watch sporadically through the day and always watch the last 20 laps!!  The last 5 laps result in yelling, screaming and cheering and the last two years lots of Yahooing as Ford have been victorious!!  Thank goodness it is over for another year!!

I have something pretty cool to kick off but will have it ready for tomorrow.

Providing I can keep my eyes open past 7pm tonight!!  Mondays here have become so hectic, it always was our busiest day of the week and now it is manic!!  Kicked off with a 730am swimming lesson, home for breakfast, school drop off, home for a power nap for a certain cranky baby, swimming lessons for the little two, home for lunch, school pick up then straight to an after school activity, home by 5pm.

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Things I Know #28- A quickie!!

Just a quick #tik this week!!

I know

  • I am looking forward to this weekend, can't say too much although it may include some long awaited family photos being taken!!  Although I will be mighty cranky if I can't get my hands on a plain white top and an eyebrow wax appointment!! 
  • I am looking forward to not doing too much at all after last weekends mammoth efforts.  That being said I am in the process of doing a mega chuck out ready for Mondays council rubbish pick up!!
  • Crawling babies are a menace.  Quiet crawling babies are up to no good, ALWAYS!!
  • Daylight savings is good yet bad.  I wish Friday and Saturday we had the extra hour and the other days not!!
  • I am fully braced for the next few weeks before the end of term.  Crazy busy and full on, I am  all over it though.  Sort of!!  
  • Thanks for all the comments on the tattoo post from yesterday.  I wrote it a little too quickly and forgot to add some things- I have no problem with temporary tattoo sticker things, the boys love them.  I think my main problem is the age group it is being targeted at.

Song of the week is a very cool collaboration made by the BBC.  I love the old version of this song and I am loving the new too!!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

What the ZIP??

Before I start I have to say that I really have no problem with people who have tattoos. Your body your choice.   I don't have any, partly because I am a massive wuss and partly because I haven't found anything I want on my body for the rest of my life.

The HOTH has quite a few. You won't really see them as he keeps them covered so they don't fade. Most of them he got before we got together.  He wants more but time and money are keeping that a dream for now!!

When I saw these pictures in a fundraising toy catalogue yesterday I was a little stunned at first, then I saw the funny side and then I was just seriously like what the actual.

I get how vitally important play is.  All forms of play.  Imitation play is something my kids do all the time.  They are always building stuff like Daddy or mowing the lawn or fixing a car etc.  They do imitate me for the record usually when playing cafes and ordering cappuccinos and cake!!

However I really feel this is taking it way too far.  Apparently these are all the rage as there was a similar one in the other toy catalogue we were given.  I don't normally get on my high horse as I am a big believer in all the old sayings like "each to their own" but this has given me the irrits.  I am a little conflicted now as I normally get a heap of Chrissy shopping done through these books (stuff delivered to the door plus the preschool gets much needed help, winning) but I am seriously thinking of boycotting them over this.

I think what has annoyed me the most is why can't kids be kids??  Why are we forcing kids to grow up??


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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wordless Wednesday- October long weekend 2014

The before shots.  The aim was to get the yard ready for concrete and also to build a great wall along the side fence.  We are concreting where the grass hasn't grown and the kids and dogs continually dig up the dirt!!

4 days, a whole skip bin of dirt and a lot of bloody hard work it was finished!!  All ready to be concreted.
My new planter box.
The kids were given a new project too thanks to their Grandparents.  Carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, pumpkin, corn, capsicum.  Also a "pizza plant" which the kids call basil!!  Plus some lavender and a couple of succulents for me!!

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


An example of what I used to use back in the day!!

Essentially Jess for #ibot and One Mother Hen #openslather

Song of the day!!  

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Things I Know #27- Moments

 Brothers in arms

 Special mail all for me!!

 An awesome weekend away with good friends and the "melon of youth".

 First medal ever.  A happy baby who loves to see the cockies, luckily the ones we see have no fear and come right up close!!  I always make the time to stop and watch them.

 Double rainbow after weeks of rain.

I am sharing some of the moments that have brightened my day over the last few weeks.

Because I know how hard it can be to find the good in some days.  I love flicking through my phone and finding pics which make me smile.

Enjoy the long weekend guys.  We will be spending it doing backyard rennos.  The fun does not stop here!!  I am looking forward to the end result.

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Song of the week is an oldie but a goodie.  Funny story- I bought a book about Dave Grohl for the HOTH from the salvos shop today for $3 then later I saw an ad for a new tv show all about The Foo Fighters.  I was then compelled to crank this song!!  So much Fooies in a few short hours!!